SpaceVenture Release Date Announced

//SpaceVenture Release Date Announced

SpaceVenture Release Date Announced

The release date for SpaceVenture is November 30, 2016.   In addition to the release date announcement, the mini game “Cluck Yegger: Escape From The Planet Of The Poultroid” has also been slated for release (soon).

After being blown out of the sky and crash landing on the planet Poultroid, Cluck will have to make repairs to his ship during the day, but deal with some “family visitors” trying to stop by his cockpit for a dinner time snack at night. With the damage to his ship, Cluck is running on auxiliary solar power that get’s charged during daylight hours. He uses that power to survive at night. If the power in his ship hits zero, it’s lights out for Cluck in more ways the one.  Read More @ Kickstarter

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