Phoenix Online Studios is having a contest to win a signed boxed copy of Gabriel Knight by creating your own tagline for the poster.  See Gabriel Knight Exclusive Giveaway.  Anyone can participate on their Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.


Gabriel Knight – Sins of the Fathers is right around the corner and we’re celebrating with a weekly giveaway! First, we have a new Gabriel Knight poster created by comic book industry veterans, the Sharp brothers.

Gabriel Knight 1 20th Poster

The prize is a must-have for any Sierra On-Line fan, a boxed copy of the original Gabriel Knight signed by Jane Jensen. To win you simply have to leave a comment with a tagline to the image above in 10 words or less.  Anyone can participate and tumblr registration is not required to comment.

This is the first of our three week giveaway, with two more chances coming soon. The lucky winners will announced on October 13th and the final posters will be available to download for free.

Good luck everyone!

P.S. you can check the rules of the contest here.