Release:  February 2013 November 30, 2016
Summary:  “Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra’s duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™! SpaceVenture is a sci-fi comedy adventure game that combines interplanetary exploration, puzzle-solving, and space travel- not to mention “pant loads” of pop culture satire and some good, clean “potty” humor.” – Guys from Andromeda

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption

Release:  October 2013 Spring 2014 TBA
Summary:  “Hero-U is a turn-based PC RPG with adventure game puzzles and immersive story, by the award-winning designers of Quest for Glory. In Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, you take on the role of Shawn O’Conner, a would-be Thief. Your life has not been an easy one. Caught red-handed during your thief guild initiation, you have a choice – Go to reform school or rot away in prison.” – Hero-U

Moebius: Empire Rising

Release: April 15, 2014
Summary: “Moebius — A new adventure game from the creator of Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter. Malachi Rector is an antiquities dealer who hunts down artifacts all over the world. After his upscale Manhattan store is destroyed in a fire, he’s hired by billionaire Amble Dexter to investigate a series of events and document them in his meticulous way.” – Moebius


Release:  September 2013 Cancelled
Summary:  “Precinct is a new police adventure video game from Jim Walls, creator of the classic Sierra series “Police Quest”. Precinct takes players on a police adventure as officer Maxwell Jones in the corrupt town of Fraser Canyon, CA. Starting out as a rookie and then moving up the ranks, players face adrenaline charged scenarios and conduct real police procedures while solving crimes and arresting perpetrators.” – Fund Precinct

Quest for Infamy

Release: July 10, 2014
Summary: “Quest For Infamy is a classic point and click adventure game, in which you assume the identity of ‘Mister Roehm’ a man trying to start over after running away from a shady past. Welcome to the little town of Volksville only to discover there is so much more going on in the valley than meets the eye! Come along and take a walk on the wild side with Roehm and discover just how infamous you might be.” – Quest for Infamy Website

Quest for Infamy – Roehm to Ruin

Release: Mid 2016
Summary: “A prequel to Quest For Infamy, Roehm to Ruin lets us see how the ne’er-do-well Mr. Roehm found himself having to flee the baron’s wrath.” – Infamous Quests

Order of the Thorne: The King’s Challenge

Release: January 26, 2016
Summary: “Immerse yourself in the story of Finn, a young Bard out to experience life and adventure in the King’s Challenge. Meet your fellow challengers. Experience the wonders of the Faerie Kingdom. Face and overcome danger with the help of your magical lute. Experience the King’s Challenge through the eyes of Finn and help him compose his greatest ballad.” – Infamous Quests

Mage’s Initiation: Reign of the Elements

Release: February 2014 TBA
Summary: “D’Arc is sixteen years old. He has trained extensively in the elemental arts for the past decade of his young life, under the discerning eyes of the Mage Masters of Iginor. Confined to an existence of academics and magical mastery in their towering hall, the inquisitive initiate often wonders what it would be like to set foot outside in the world he has been secluded from; a world that his Masters deeply shun..” – Himalaya Studios